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Čachtice Castle

The Čachtice Castle is a castle ruin in Slovakia next to the village of Čachtice. It stands on a hill featuring rare plants, and has been declared a national nature reserve for this reason. The castle was a residence and later the prison of the Countess Elizabeth Báthory, who is alleged to have been the world's most prolific female serial killer

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Museum Čachtice

Čachtice is notable especially for so-called "Bloody Countess" Elizabeth Bathory. The castle and the village, however, have had their varied history, rich in many significant and interesting events. The history of Čachtice is remembered at a newly-opened exposition of Trenčín Museum that is placed inside the Draškovičovský manor house in Čachtice.

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The town of Trenčín is dominant and also a district town of the Trenčin region. You will fall for it on the first sight – it is a town of relax, fun culture with a pleasant atmosphere. Its historical centre is full of valuable and cultural sights above which is for centuries towering the largest city castle complex - the majestic Trenčín castle. Thousands of visitors come to the town to see Trenčín castle in its full beauty and to hear the most famous myth about the well of love. Stories from the past are told by museums, galleries and will feast your eyes, castle rock will remind of roman times when Trenčín was known as Laugarício. Original proof regarding the presence of Roman legions on Slovak land is the roman inscription carved into the Trenčín castle rock. It is a memorial to the victory of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius over Quadi tribes in year 179.

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Come to visit the world-famous town Piešťany. It was brought to fame by occurence of sulphuric mud and geothermal water with healing effects on inflammatory illnesses. The biggest expansion happened in 1889, when, from a small town Piešťany grew this big balneal town. Besides variety of wellness and therapeutic procedures, in Piešťany you will also find interesting historical monuments, like Napoleon baths, for example. Also works of fine art, which are to be found in the Balneal park, are worth to go and see. There is a statue of a man breaking crutches on the Kolonáda bridge. This statue became a symbol of Piešťany in 1894 and today it is a part of its emblem.

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Beckov Castle

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Tematín Castle

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Miniature Park in village Podolie

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The Monument of the General Milan Rastislav Stefanik

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Cyclo tourism


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Veľká Javorina (969,8 m n. m.)

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Ski Centrum Kálnica

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Bike park Kálnica

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